Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stories Behind the Chopsticks Inaugural YEG Food Crawl - May 30, 2015 Part One

Last month, while browsing through social media, I learned about an upcoming food crawl event in Chinatown. I've heard about pub crawls, which involves a group of people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, often travelling either by foot or bus. I've never participated in a pub crawl, but I would totally choose a food crawl over it! The first tour of the Stories Behind the Chopsticks YEG Food Crawl event took place yesterday, the last Saturday of May. The second tour of the event happened just this afternoon! 

Chinatown YEG Food Crawl.

The inaugural YEG Food Crawl event, presented by McCauley Revitalization, aims to provide exposure to the restaurants in the neighbourhood while showcasing Chinatown as a safe area in an effort to challenge its negative stereotypes. Specifically, the event is a 3 hour long staggered eating process where participants eat pre-determined meals at 4 restaurants or food businesses in Chinatown for about 30 to 45 minutes at each location. The cost per person was $35. You don't find out which restaurants you're going to or what food you're going to eat until a few days before the event, which makes for a nice surprise. 

I don't really find myself heading to Chinatown for food, mostly because it always seemed hard to get to since I usually travel by bus or LRT whenever my destination is in Downtown. Yesterday, however, I learned that it's actually quite easy to get to the neighbourhood by bus if you're travelling from south of the river. This was great news for me because now I have more food places to choose from! CJ and I headed over to the first stop of the food crawl... Lee House (10704 97 Street)! 

The interior of Lee House.
Our table.

A few months ago, Lee House opened a new location on 97 Street in Chinatown, right across from Lucky 97 Supermarket. Lee House has always been a place I wanted to try, and since being voted the best Korean restaurant of 2015 in Edmonton by Avenue Edmonton magazine, the need to visit was reinforced even more. That's why I was so excited to find out that Lee House was one of the stops on Saturday's food crawl!

Before we started eating, Freya Fu - the coordinator of this event - gave an introduction about Chinatown and its history. In the 1960's and 70's, many people from China and other south east Asian countries came to Edmonton to study at the University of Alberta. Eventually, they chose to reside in the Chinatown area and opened up businesses there. A few years later, the Canadian government began to accept more refugees from Asian countries which helped to increase the diversity and population of Edmonton's Chinatown. Today, you'll find that Chinatown is made up of two areas: 97 Street, which is the business and retail zone, and 102 A Avenue, where the multicultural centre is found and where many societies, organizations, and associations have their head offices.

Left to right: Kimchi, Daikon Squares, and Mung Bean Sprout Sesame Salad.
Beef Bulgogi.
Chicken Balls.
Sweet Potato Sticky Noodles.

We got to try a lot of dishes at Lee House, including their Beef Bulgogi, famous Chicken Balls, and Sweet Potato Sticky Noodles. Kimchi, daikon squares, rice, and a mung bean sprout sesame salad were also served to accompany our meal. Phil, one of the owners of the restaurant, explained that Korean food is one of the healthiest out of all Asian cuisine since no MSG is added and very little oil is used. Everything tasted amazing! My favourite dish was the Sweet Potato Sticky Noodles, or Jab Chae Bokeum. I loved the chewy noodles with the sweet soy mushroom sauce - it was delicious and something new and different for me. The chicken balls were also great and not too greasy, although I felt the exterior was a little tough to chew. Finally, the beef bulgogi was one of the best I've tried in the city! So flavourful.

Phil and Mrs. Lee sharing their story about Lee House.

When we were about half way done with our food, Mrs. Lee and her son Phil shared their story behind Lee House and the food they create and serve. Phil shared that every morning, before Lee House opens, Mrs. Lee can be found shopping at Lucky 97 Supermarket across the street to buy everything she needs to create the food served at her restaurant. Additionally, some of the ingredients used are shipped directly by relatives from their home town in Korea, resulting in distinct flavours that you won't find at any other Korean restaurant in Edmonton. Such a lovely story! I think it is amazing how Mrs. Lee creates everything herself - definitely something to be proud of!

After 45 minutes of eating (beginning at 1:00 PM) at Lee House, we headed outside where we learned about the statue situated in front of Lucky 97 Supermarket. I really liked how along with stories about the restaurants we visited and the food we ate, we were also able to learn about a landmark in Chinatown. Afterwards, our group of about 25 food lovers headed to our next destination: Zen Sushi (10518 101 Street)! Located on 101 Street, it was about a 5 minute walk from Lee House.

The interior of Zen Sushi.
Our table.

Shortly after being seated, each table got a piece of paper where we had to select the food items we wanted from 5 courses: sushi, maki, salad, tempura, and a main dish. It was a little confusing at first, but with help from other people we were able to figure out how to order! 

Miso Soup.
Teriyaki Chicken.
Shrimp Tempura.
Crab Stick Sushi, Salmon Sushi, and Avocado Sushi.

To kick off our meal, we were given a bowl of miso soup - always a great way to start in my opinion. Next to arrive was our teriyaki chicken and CJ's teriyaki beef (not pictured). The tender and flavourful teriyaki chicken was a hit at our table... in fact, CJ wished he had ordered the chicken instead of the beef! CJ and I, along with the two lovely ladies sitting across from us, also really liked the shrimp tempura which we found was lightly crispy and delicious. Each one of us also got to choose our own sushi, with avocado sushi being my pick. These sushi pieces looked so cute! My sushi was a nice bite because of the perfect creaminess of the avocado. 

Top (L to R): California Maki and Spicy Tuna Maki.
Bottom (L to R): Spicy Salmon Maki and Avocado Maki.
Top (L to R): Bean Sprout Salad and Green Salad.
Bottom (L to R): Edamame and Sunomono Salad.

So. Much. Food!!! When we were given our maki and salads, we already had quite a stack of small plates at our table. I ordered the spicy tuna maki, but it wasn't my favourite. The texture of the tuna seemed a little weird and mushy to me, so I gave my remaining pieces to CJ who didn't seem to mind. For the salad course, I went with their bean sprout salad. This salad was very refreshing and made for a nice palate cleanser. I also got to try edamame for the first time! I had no idea how to eat the edamame until a lady sitting at the table beside us explained how: don't eat the pod, just eat the beans inside which easily pop out *cue my brief moment of fascination*. The edamame pod was lightly salted, and the beans were soft and something I wouldn't mind eating for a snack. 

My dining experience at Zen Sushi was great overall, although it was a little uncoordinated. Some food items were delayed at arriving to their respective tables, but I would say it was forgiveable and not a huge issue since we were such a large group.

Henry Ma sharing his story about Zen Sushi.

Just a few minutes before it was time to leave, Henry Ma - the owner of Zen Sushi - shared his story about the restaurant. Zen Sushi has been open since 2006, and just last year Henry became the new manager of the restaurant that he actually named. He shares that because he grew up playing in the Chinatown area, he has always felt it to be a safe neighbourhood. Edmontonians often drive right past Chinatown, unaware of all the food businesses in the area. He comments that initiatives like the Chinatown YEG Food Crawl are a great way to try different specialty food items offered by the local restaurants. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What the Truck?! May 23, 2015

Hello! I'm excited to share Saturday's experience at the first What the Truck?! event of 2015! If you haven't done so already, read my recap of the last 2014 What the Truck?! to get an idea of what the event is all about.

What the Truck?! at Churchill Square.

It's no surprise that hot summer weather brings people outdoors. Yesterday was no exception. Thousands of Edmontonians arrived at Sir Winston Churchill Square, all looking to eat food from the 25 food trucks lined up along the square and 99 Street. There was WAY more people at this event compared to the one I went to last September.

Colossal Shrimp Bully Mac.

CJ and I arrived at the event just fifteen minutes before 4 PM. There were already a lot of people forming line ups in front of a few food trucks, so we decided to do the same. We chose Bully Food Truck as our first food truck of the evening. I thought the line up moved fairly quickly since there were two ladies taking orders in front of the truck. Nice and systematic. The Colossal Shrimp Bully Mac ($10) was CJ's pick, but I was also excited to try it since I had heard many good things about it through social media. In this bowl, you will find baked macaroni with shrimp along with their signature cheese sauce made from 6 different cheeses. Garlic panko, a butter poached 13/15 count shrimp, and a lemon wedge are added on top as well. The cheese sauce was creamy, but the lemon did a good job at cutting through the richness and making the dish bright and balanced overall. CJ noted that each bite tasted better with the panko, likely because it added some crunch and texture. I think I would have enjoyed a larger portion size, since it felt like there wasn't enough food to share between us. P.S., that colossal shrimp on top was divine.

Baileys Rice Crispy Square.

We actually did not plan on purchasing one of Bully Food Truck's Baileys Rice Crispy Squares ($3), but when I saw how big it was I didn't hesitate to buy one. The rice crispy square is topped with chocolate and kettle corn, which are easily three of my favourite things all in one sweet treat. It's kind of crazy how big this is. You really have to get in there to eat it, although the chocolate is pretty messy. The chocolate was also melting quickly, so I don't recommend eating this right under the sun lol. Overall, a simple and tasty dessert.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Slider.

Next up was Drift Food Truck. We decided to get their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Slider ($8) with potato crisps as our side. Inside are their house pickles and slaw, and CJ added some aji dipping sauce (made of pepper and cilantro) for extra flavour. This slider was very light and refreshing, especially with the addition of the slaw on top. But my favourite part were the potato crisps which are spiced with their flavourful and amazing drift seasoning. I could seriously eat a whole bag of those crisps by myself. The only downside for me was that I wished there was more than one slider... $8 seems a little too pricey for just one. 

The Irish.

CJ was craving fries so instead of La Poutine (our go-to pick), I suggested we try The Irish ($6) fries by Sailin' On, which is Edmonton's only vegan food truck. We stood in line for these fries for about 45 minutes, but I would say it was worth it. When I opened the container, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous colours! The Irish consists of curry, vegan garlic mayo, cabbage, carrot, and green onion all on top of their hand cut fries. The curry paired really nicely with the soft fries, and the crunchy vegetables had CJ and I feeling refreshed. I think this item gave the most bang for our buck because we both felt more satisfied after eating it since the portion was larger. These fries were definitely the highlight of the event for me. 

Curry Chips.

Jeline got Sailin' On's Curry Chips ($5). She said that it tasted good at first, but eventually there was too much curry and not enough fries to balance it out. Even CJ (who usually happily finishes food that other people can't finish) got sick of eating the overwhelming amount of curry. It might have been because these fries were served in a cup and not in a container, but I would still recommend The Irish instead. 


At this point CJ and I were very thirsty from standing out in the sun for so long. We each brought our own bottle of water because I initially did not want to spend money on drinks, but we finished our bottles much quicker than planned and couldn't last much longer without something to quench our thirst. So we stood in line for about an hour to get a Lemonade ($5) from Carnival Cravings. Sadly, this lemonade was more sour than sweet, but it did a good job at making us less thirsty before we left the event. Next time, we're going to bring our own cooler and fill that up with water bottles! 

Butter and Salt Pretzel.

CJ really loves pretzels, so he asked if I could buy him Carnival Cravings' Butter and Salt Pretzel ($6). I didn't want to get one at first because I thought the money could be spent on more unique food from other food trucks, but after standing in line for so long I gave in. CJ and I felt that this pretzel was a bit small for its cost, but nevertheless I enjoyed the warm buttery flavour along with the sharpness of the salt with each bite. I don't think this treat and the lemonade were worth standing in line for so long though. 

Cookies and Cream.

While CJ and I were in line for our drink and pretzel, Jeline was in the line for Keilan's Creamery ice cream. The line up for ice cream was also unsurprisingly long, so Jeline was disappointed to find out that the two flavours she would have wanted were sold out! Nevertheless, the Cookies and Cream - vanilla ice cream laced with chocolate cream filled cookies - was cold, creamy, and great for the hot and sunny weather. But I don't think this was worth standing in line for so long either. 

It was so nice to see so many Edmontonians embracing YEG food trucks and food truck culture at the first What the Truck?! to kick off the summer! There were still long line ups even when the event was drawing to an end (at 8 PM), although most of the trucks had already sold out. There were also lots of food trucks at the event which were new to What the Truck?! including Chedda Heads, Chipman Fish & Chips, Explore India, Fab Food on Four, Jeepney Jaytee, Spice Rickshaw, and The Mini Donut King. I didn't get to try food from the new trucks, but I'll be on the look out for them this summer - particularly Jeepney Jaytee, which serves Filipino street food (and had one of the longest line ups at the event!). I'm glad that CJ and I were able to try food from the Best Food Trucks of 2015 in Edmonton, according to Avenue Edmonton's list. Drift, Bully, and Sailin' On definitely deserve to be in the top three! 

Now here's my learning experience from the event: based on our experience at the last What the Truck?! in September (which had considerably fewer attendees), CJ and I thought we'd be fine going together as a very small group. Not for this event! GO WITH FRIENDS! If you have a larger group, you can use a divide and conquer strategy: plan out what trucks you want to visit and the food you want to get, divide into smaller groups to conquer the line ups, then regroup once you have all the food with you. So simple, effective, and efficient. CJ and I spent almost the entire 4 hours at the event with a large amount of time spent in the line ups. Do not make the same mistake as us. The more, the merrier! 

To those that attended the event - I hope you enjoyed yourselves despite the long lines and hot weather. The next What the Truck?! will be Sunday, June 4 from 11 AM to 3 PM at Capital Boulevard. See you then! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What the Truck?! Sept 12, 2014

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the short week and are now ready to take on the weekend! Especially with the beautiful sunshine and summer weather we have going on right now, it's hard to just stay indoors. I think one of the best parts of the warmer weather is that food trucks start rolling around. It's always nice to find YEG food trucks parked throughout the city - a great option if you want a quick lunch that is delicious and locally made. Unfortunately, I don't really find myself in areas where food trucks are found (like Downtown). That's why I think that What the Truck?! - a food truck extravanganza event - is perfect for people like me! 

What the Truck?! celebrates food trucks and food truck culture in Edmonton by bringing together many food trucks in one location. It's the perfect opportunity to try several different food trucks at one time. The idea was conceived by Mack Male and Sharon Yeo, who are behind two of my favourite blogs to read! There is no admission fee, so you can spend as little or as much as you want on food truck food. In this post, I want to share my first What the Truck?! experience back in September, which was the last event of 2014 and the most food trucks (25 in total) they've ever had in What the Truck?! history! 

What the Truck?!

Okay, I know that this post is super late but better late than never! The event was on a Friday, so CJ and I walked over from his school to Sir Winston Churchill Square. Tons of food trucks were lined up around the square and 8 more trucks were lined up on 99 Street. Plenty of options for attendees and lots of room to ease the long line ups and move around. So far, so good. 

Duck Tots.

Despite all the options we had, I came to What the Truck?! with one goal in mind: get the Duck Tots ($12) from Attila the HUNgry. I had seen countless pictures of this beauty on Instagram, with captions and comments saying how delicious it was and a must try. Tater tots topped with Thai braised duck, hoisen aioli, lime sriracha, herbs, and peanuts, there is definitely enough for two people to share! The tater tots were soft inside and crispy on the outside, and the duck itself was tender and delicious. But what really made this 10/10 were the colourful toppings that greatly contributed to the flavour and texture. Highly recommend this! 

Cookie Dough Macaron.

Next I tried the Cookie Dough Macaron ($2) from Molly's Eats, which is a chocolate macaron filled with cookie dough spread. During the previous winter semester, I stopped by the University of Alberta Farmer's Market and picked up some macarons by Molly's Eats. Those were some of the best macarons I had, so I knew I needed to try another one of their macarons at What the Truck?!. Sadly, this particular macaron wasn't that good... the shell was too hard and tough to bite into. Hopefully the rest of their macarons weren't like mine though. 

Death by Donut Gourmet Mini Donuts.

CJ and I were wandering around looking for something else to try, since I didn't really plan on eating anything else besides the Duck Tots. We came across Jackie O's Street Treats, a food truck that was selling mini donuts. Being a chocolate lover, I decided to get the Death by Donut ($8) which is one of the three options listed under their Gourmet Mini Donuts. 12 mini donuts are smothered in chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkled with Skor pieces, and topped off with mounds of whipped cream. The mini donuts were soft and warm, and the chocolate and caramel pairing was heavenly. The Skor pieces also added a nice crunch and necessary texture. Great option if you're looking for something sweet among all the savoury offered. 

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade.

Last but not least - Freshly Squeezed Lemonade ($4), which was also from Jackie O's Street Treats. Just a simple lemonade to quench our thirst. I recommend just bringing a bottle of water since most of the drinks can be pricey for what it is. 

My first What the Truck?! was pretty awesome despite the gloomy and chilly weather that day. Now before I end the post, I want to share some short and sweet tips for making the most out of the event. 1.) Bring cash! Lots of it. And have it ready to go when you pay. It just makes the line ups go a lot faster. 2.) Have a game plan. There's nothing worse than walking around in circles because you can't decide what to eat. Review the menu before hand and plan out what items you want to eat and in what order. 3.) Bring water! Stay hydrated. 4.) Think about how to carry the food around. Bringing some food containers from home may not be such a bad idea if you only have two hands. 5.) Go with friends! The more the merrier. Also, more friends = more food (lol!). Be sure to read these Tips and Tricks provided by What the Truck?! as well! 

Make sure to follow What the Truck?! on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep updated on future events! The next What the Truck?! is happening... TODAY!!! In a few hours from now (4pm to 8pm)! Don't forget to review their menu before heading out. See all you food lovers there! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Block 1912

Happy Tuesday! So I'm aware that it's been more than a week since I last posted... I guess you could say I was on a blogging roll at the start of May. Blogging was postponed mostly because CJ returned from vacation so naturally, I wanted to spend time with him. He is my number one distraction after all.

Now let's get this blog post started. If you frequent Whyte Ave like I do, I'm sure you've passed by Block 1912, a European cafe located beside the intersection of 104 Street and 82 Ave. I'll admit the outside appearance is a little unassuming, but stepping inside you'll find yourself in a big space looking at tons of comfy couches and chairs that extend all the way from the entrance to the very far end of the cafe.

Sorry, not the best photos of the interior.

Block 1912 offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in addition to coffee and drinks. I've heard a lot of good things about the soups, lasagnas, and casseroles they serve too. But the real stand out for me? Their pastries. They have a huge display of pastries with a lot of selection, so there's something for everyone. The beauty of the food at Block 1912 is that it is all made from scratch in house. 

Our spread of desserts and hot drinks.

I guess one of the biggest downsides (for me) of Block 1912 is the lack of natural lighting available. There is really only one window near the entrance with few seating nearby. If you're lucky enough to snag one of those window seats, do it! You'll get better quality photos that aren't grainy like mine. 

White Hot Chocolate.

CJ ordered a White Hot Chocolate ($3.50), which he actually enjoys more than a regular hot chocolate. This one, however, tasted oddly like cotton candy. It was just okay in my opinion.

Vanilla Milk Steamer.

I ordered a Vanilla Milk Steamer ($3.50), which is my favourite option if I don't feel like drinking hot chocolate. This drink was light and frothy, although I wish the vanilla flavour in mine was more prominent. 

Chocolate Marquise.

CJ also got their Chocolate Marquise (~$6) which is a moist, rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate glaze, and decorated with chocolate shavings and hints of gold. Basically a chocolate lovers dream dessert. This cake was quite rich, although the chocolate mousse provided a nice creaminess with each bite. Also, those golden flakes on top are such a beautiful touch! 

Cappuccino Cake.

I was a little torn deciding which pastry I wanted, but I ultimately went for their Cappuccino Cake (~$6). This is a coffee sponge cake with espresso buttercream and white chocolate mousse. The buttercream was light and sweet and paired perfectly with the moist cake. I also enjoyed how the coffee flavour wasn't too strong so my friends (who aren't coffee lovers or drinkers) could try some too. 

Pistachio Cake.

Jeline and Yusra both chose the Pistachio Cake ($6), which was smaller in size compared to the cakes CJ and I chose. This dessert is a vanilla sponge cake with pistachio mousse, coated in white chocolate and pistachio. Jeline and Yusra described it as light, creamy, nutty, and not overly sweet. Sounds delicious if you ask me. 

Lastly, Jeline ordered a London Fog ($4.75). Surprisingly, I don't have a picture of just the drink itself. She said the drink had a good, strong flavour that wasn't too sweet. 

I highly recommend checking out Block 1912 if you're in need of a coffee and dessert break. If sweets aren't really your thing, they also offer salads, hot meals, sandwiches, and tapas as well. The atmosphere is really cozy and relaxing so it's a great spot for studying, catching up with friends, or reading a good book. They are open until 12 AM from Monday to Saturday and until 11 PM on Sunday which is perfect for any night owls. 

P.S. I heard one of their tables has a drawer containing napkin notes and letters! How cool is that? If I ever find myself at that table, I would love to add my own napkin note to the collection. Also makes for a great read and conversation with friends! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Contessa French Macarons

Over the past few years, macarons have become increasingly popular. I'm sure we've all noticed - this French dessert (although with Italian origins) has suddenly appeared everywhere on social media. From a simple close-up shot of the colourful meringue-based shell with equally colourful ganache, jam, or buttercream filling, to acting as an eye catching focal point in more artistic shots, the macaron has become one of the trendiest desserts to both photograph and consume.

The first time I ever tried macarons was on Valentine's Day last year at Duchess Bake Shop. I was really excited and picked out tons of macarons without even thinking about the cost lol! Since that time, I've tried macarons from a few other local businesses in Edmonton, such as Milk and Cookies Bakeshop back in April. The most recent macaron food adventure I've had? Contessa French Macarons!

Contessa French Macarons.

My first time hearing about Contessa French Macarons was through Instagram, which is pretty much my go to social media tool for learning about YEG food businesses. Later on, I liked their Facebook page so I could see more photos of their macarons. Just last week, a giveaway for a dozen French macarons was announced for almost reaching 200 Facebook followers, so I knew I had to enter. Two days after I entered, I was notified saying I was the winner of the giveaway! I couldn't believe it at first... I've entered lots of giveaways in the past but this was my first time winning something! 


When I went to pick up my macarons, I was greeted by a lovely lady named Angelina Contini. She makes these macarons from scratch in her own home. I've heard that macarons are quite difficult to make, yet the ones I received looked so perfect! Such a beautiful line up of spring colours too. I also really liked the craft box the macarons were packaged in, as well as the stamped brand and "Handmade with Love" - very cute touches!

My attempt at a fancy macaron display.

Angelina messaged me with a list of flavours that were currently available. There were so many options, and I had such a hard time choosing! I ended up going with salted caramel, cookies n cream, matcha, mango, raspberry cheesecake, and banana cream from the list. 

Banana Cream.

The first macaron I tried was the Banana Cream. The filling was a perfect creamy banana with just a hint of sweetness. This one was nice because I don't really hear about banana flavoured macarons too often. 


Next up was the light green coloured Matcha macaron. Although Angelina mentioned that she was still working on this flavour, I would say it was spot on! I really liked the amount of green tea flavour (and filling!) in this one.


I knew I needed to try Mango when I read it from the list of available flavours. Mangos (especially dried mangos) are one of my favourite fruits to snack on. I found the mango to be subtle, and as a lover of mangos, I would have liked it even more if the flavour was more prominent. Also, how gorgeous is that pastel orange shell?

Raspberry Cheesecake.

I was debating between raspberry or blueberry cheesecake, but ended up going with the Raspberry Cheesecake. This macaron has golden crumbs around it that is reminiscent of the graham crust on the bottom of traditional cheesecakes. For some reason I imagined the filling to be a raspberry buttercream, so I was pleasantly surprised to find raspberry jam in the centre. Just like taking a bite into an actual raspberry cheesecake! 

Salted Caramel.

I commented Salted Caramel as the flavour I would like to see soon when I entered the Facebook giveaway, so I guess it's all thanks to this macaron that I won! Salted caramel really is one of my favourite flavours though. This macaron was all about letting that salted caramel shine through, making for a perfect bite! 

Vanilla Latte (left) and Cookies n Cream (right).

Although I had originally asked for Cookies n Cream, I also got a Vanilla Latte macaron in my box too. What a nice surprise! I had imagined the shell for cookies n cream to be black and white (kind of like a Hersheys Cookies n Cream candy bar lol...), but it was a cool, light grey colour. The filling also appeared to be finely crushed cookie pieces so this macaron was a bit more chewy compared to the rest - but still very tasty! On the other hand, the vanilla latte totally looked and smelled like an actual vanilla latte drink! Great for coffee lovers. This was an enjoyable flavour too. 

Top down view.

I absolutely loved my first box of Contessa French Macarons! The colours of the macarons were gorgeous and all the flavours were amazing. The shell was perfectly crispy with a soft and chewy interior. Each macaron was not overwhelmingly sweet either (I don't like macarons that are too sweet!).

To order a box of Contessa French Macarons, you can send an email to Angelina at I talked to her via Facebook message though, so that's another option. Each box contains 12 macarons at a cost of $20. Flavours change every now and then, so you can ask about which ones are available. When it's ready, the macarons can be picked up at her home!

My name!!

Before I forget: It's my name stamped on the side of the box! I loved how my box was personalized. It's the small touches like that that can really brighten up a day. Thank you Angelina for the giveaway and for creating these small bites of heaven! I'm looking forward to ordering a box (or maybe boxes...) sometime in the future. Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@angelinacontini) too!