About Me


Hi there! My name is Stephanie. Welcome to my personal blog where I document all the food adventures I go on in my city with my friends, family, and my boyfriend CJ. My love for food started during late fall 2013 when CJ took me to a local restaurant close to my school for a date. Prior to this, CJ and I would usually just eat at fast food places or popular chain restaurants whenever we were hungry. This trip to an Edmonton food business changed my idea of food: where I would go out to eat and where my food was coming from slowly but surely became very important to me. Needless to say, I fell in love with the amazing Edmonton food scene. I started using social media, particularly Instagram, to share my food photos in addition to discovering new food places and food related events. I learned about other Edmonton foodies and food bloggers, even developing my own foodie crushes along the way too! My own #yegfood journey just took off from there! 

As a full time university student, it's not easy to go out for food adventures. Often, my school schedule conflicts with food events I may want to attend; additionally, frequenting fancier food places is currently not within my budget. As a result, I tend to go for more affordable businesses either for lunch or dessert, with splurging every now and then. I hope to share with Edmontonians and my fellow students that you can get quality food at a price that doesn't hurt your wallet, all while supporting local food businesses! 

In addition to being a food lover, I am also a big fan of anime. There have been a few occasions in the past where I've completed an entire anime series in a single day! I even have a special place in my heart for the reverse harem genre. You can view the list of all the animes I've watched here! I love to play video games as well, especially RPGs or first person shooter games (think Call of Duty Black Ops). And let's not forget that I have the biggest sweet tooth. I constantly find myself eating sweets, but I just can't help it... dessert is my favourite part of the meal! 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading a little bit about me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll follow along with my food adventures! 

- Stephanie <3